Wednesday, July 25, 2012

College Football Bye Week Strategy

Many people that are new to college football always ask the question: What is the bye week? A bye week is when a certain team does not play during the course of the week. They are given a “bye”. And will wait until the next week to play. There are certain bye week strategies when it comes to betting as well.

When a team takes a bye week, it is pre-scheduled. It would be nice to decide when to take the bye week, but the logistics of that is a nightmare. In college football, when teams use their bye week – they use it to rest up, and practice a few things they need work on. By doing these things, they allow for a big advantage to those betting on their next game.

There has been statistics done, that have shown that coming off a bye week in college football is not advantageous to the “favorites”. The statistic shows that since 2000, favorites coming off their bye week are nearly 50 games under .500 against the spread. Even more telling regarding teams coming off the bye week is the statistic that only 33% of road favorites of 10 or more have won against the spread.

There are many reasons why this is the case, but one of the more obvious is: it messes with their routine. Athletes like routine, and a bye week is not a typical routine. Another reason why these statistics continue to occur is: most of the time, the team that is the big favorite has a big time opponent coming in the following week. And no matter how hard coaches try to tell their players – one game at a time – they are looking ahead.

The next time you get out and start betting on college football – look to see if either team has come off a bye week. Do not be afraid to wager on a large home underdog, especially if their opponent is coming off a bye week.


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