Wednesday, July 25, 2012

College Football Odds

Each game that is played in the world of college football has odds for the game. Odds are based on odds makers and their formulas. Sports betting has been around for years, and figuring out the method odds makers use to set the odds still has yet to be figured out by the general betting public. To figure out how odds are made would be a very difficult, but it would not be out of the realm of possibilities to make an educated guess as to what the odds will be. Odds are listed either + or -. The + means that team is getting positive money, or points, while the – is giving that many points or winning less than 100% of the original bet.

Types of College Football Odds

In College Football, you will find the odds for point spread betting, and you will find odds for the money line. In point spread betting, you are wagering whether the team you think will win will either win by the amount odds makers give them, or lose by lose than they are “projected” to lose by. Winning a point spread bet is called “covering”, which means the team you chose “covered” the spread.

Money line betting gives you how much you would win by betting either team. A money line bet looks like: +120 or -130. This means, if wager $10, and you get +120, you would win $12.00 if your team covered. In this scenario, you are betting on the underdog. If you bet the favorite, and they were -130, for every $13 you wagered, you would win $10.

Finding College Football Odds

Sports books online have College Football Odds. Odds are a lot of times released the money before a weekend of games. Sometimes, odds makers wait until certain information has been released. You can typically wager on college football odds all the way up until game time. Some places offer half betting, which means you can get new odds for the second half of the game. Other betting you can do on college football is total bets, parlay bets, future bets and live betting. All of these feature great College Football Odds.

If you are not happy with the College Football Odds that you are finding at your favorite sports book, look elsewhere. It’s not a great idea to stay at one place and get whatever lines they give you. You may find a ½ point, or full point different at another sports book.

Conclusion on College Football Odds

When you are taking up some College Football Odds, a few things to think about would be:
  • Which team is playing at home?
  • Which team has the best quarterback?
  • Do any teams have any key injuries?
  • Have these two teams played in the past?
  • What style do both teams play?
  • Any other trends that need to be known before game time?

All of these will help you when deciding which College Football odds to take.


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