Thursday, July 26, 2012

College Football Parlay Bets

When you are preparing for a week of college football, and you look through the odds and like several games a lot – there is a solution for you. College football parlay bets allow bettors to select several games and combine it into one bet. Parlay bets can very fun for the bettor, but they have shown to be pretty profitable for the house. The main thing with a parlay bet – you must win ALL games for it to win.

What are College Football Parlay Bets

College Football parlay bets are a combination of bets to allow the bettor to win a larger sum of money. Each time you add a team to the parlay bet, not only does your earnings improve, but also your chances of winning lower. A traditional bet for $10 would win you $9.09, with parlay’s your winnings go up. A 2-team parlay is around 2 to 1, 3 teams are up to 5 to 1 and 4-team parlays go up to as much as 10 to 1. That’s saying you put $10 on four teams to cover the spreads, and they do, you would win $100.

Hints for College Football Parlay Bets

Remember, when you are wagering betting lines for college football, your team may not have to win, but at least cover the spread. Therefore if you pick Michigan +7.5, and they lose by 7 points, you would cover the spread. There are also parlay bets for straight money line, but the payouts may not be nearly as high; if you are betting on all favorites.

It’s a good idea to find games in which you feel you have an advantage on, and bet them. It’s never a very good idea to just add games to your parlay bet to improve upon your winning.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

College Football Shopping Lines

One of the most important aspects if you want to have success betting college football is shopping for lines. Shopping for college football lines is not difficult, but will take some time. The question is, are you willing to sacrifice that time, for a better chance to win your bet?

What is Shopping College Football Lines?

It is what it says it is. It’s just like shopping for a new car. You may like something, but you could get a better deal somewhere else. When you are looking at college football lines, you should take a look at not just your sports book, but other sports books as well. It’s never a good idea to just keep one sports book. Why not take advantage of bonuses at several different sports books, and then find which one gives you the best chance to win.

So, why shop for College Football lines?

Well, unless you want to pay a higher price than you need to – it’s a good idea. For example, if you find Michigan -7 at one place, but you go to another sports book, and see Michigan at -6, or even -6.5, why wouldn’t you want the better odds? This could be some extra money that you wouldn’t get if you didn’t shop for the best lines. If the game ends at 7, you will love the fact you took the other line.

Tips for College Football line shopping.

First of all, get an account at a few different sports books. You do not have to deposit a ton of money at each location, but have some money available and an account ready. Every time you look for a college football betting line see one you like – open another tab and look at other sites. Find the odds at other sports books, and maybe, and even often times, you will find no difference. But, those that you do- you will be glad you did!

College Football Bye Week Strategy

Many people that are new to college football always ask the question: What is the bye week? A bye week is when a certain team does not play during the course of the week. They are given a “bye”. And will wait until the next week to play. There are certain bye week strategies when it comes to betting as well.

When a team takes a bye week, it is pre-scheduled. It would be nice to decide when to take the bye week, but the logistics of that is a nightmare. In college football, when teams use their bye week – they use it to rest up, and practice a few things they need work on. By doing these things, they allow for a big advantage to those betting on their next game.

There has been statistics done, that have shown that coming off a bye week in college football is not advantageous to the “favorites”. The statistic shows that since 2000, favorites coming off their bye week are nearly 50 games under .500 against the spread. Even more telling regarding teams coming off the bye week is the statistic that only 33% of road favorites of 10 or more have won against the spread.

There are many reasons why this is the case, but one of the more obvious is: it messes with their routine. Athletes like routine, and a bye week is not a typical routine. Another reason why these statistics continue to occur is: most of the time, the team that is the big favorite has a big time opponent coming in the following week. And no matter how hard coaches try to tell their players – one game at a time – they are looking ahead.

The next time you get out and start betting on college football – look to see if either team has come off a bye week. Do not be afraid to wager on a large home underdog, especially if their opponent is coming off a bye week.

College Football Tips

College Football is one of the best seasons in all of sports. The hoopla and excitement built up for a Saturday afternoon cannot be beat. In most parts of the country, the college football season is the most planned around event for a single weekend. Many people bet on college football. We are going to give you a few tips to keep in mind when you go to place a bet on college football.

Use good bankroll management.

What does this mean? Do not bet too much on any one game. Set your limits and keep it. Maybe you should have a small bet, medium bet and large bet, and keep it the same. One big mistake in college football betting, is people betting the farm on a game, and losing. It’s a way to lose a lot of money fast, and also develop a gambling problem.

Focus on a few teams, not all.

Do not try to bet on every single college football game for the duration of a season. Focus on a couple teams and really get to know them. Get to know their conference. Know the way they play the game. Know their individual players and what they can and cannot do well. This should help you in betting; especially if you are really focusing on a specific conference. Also, consider focusing on small schools. Small schools is where money can be won, because the general public does not know nearly as much as you do; heck even the odds makers don’t. You may find a very poor line just because the odds makers do not have enough information about a certain team.

Watch line movement.

During the course of a week, watch the movement on the lines for the games. If it is moving one way or the other, check out the reason behind is. Is there a bunch of money coming in on a certain team, or has their been a key injury? It’s very important to watch line movements during the course of a week.

Understand that it is a marathon, not a sprint.

Unless you are trying for quick money, college football betting is a marathon, not a spring. And if you are trying for quick money, it’s rarely going to happen in sports betting. Remember, just because you lose some money on any given Saturday, does not mean you are a bad bettor. Bounce back, do your research and try to win some of that money back. You do not have to get it all back at once. If you are in it for an investment, be patient.

Conclusion to College Football Tips.

There are a ton more great tips when discussing college football betting. But these are a few of the most important. Enjoy betting on sports; especially college football – and good luck!

College Football Teaser Bets

One of the exotic types of bets during the college football season is a teaser bet. A teaser bet is not just your tradition odds bet, or money line bet – it is what it says it is – a teaser bet. Teaser bets are offered by most sports books. Remember, when certain type of bets are offered, they continue to be offered, because they must be profitable for the sports book. If they were not, they would not offer them anymore. In saying that, bettors can also be profitable if you do them correctly.

More about College Football Teaser Bets

A teaser bet is like a prop bet that gives you the opportunity to change or alter the betting odds in whichever way you prefer. In football, teaser bets are more commonly used; especially the 6, 6.5 and 7 point teasers. When you are betting on a college football teaser bet, you pick at least 2 teams, but can have up to 6. A teaser bet is just like a parlay, where you have to have ALL your teams in the bet win for you to win money.

So now you are looking at the games and the lines for the games. You see a couple games you like, and now you are using the 6 point teaser bet. So for example, you like Miami -7.5 and Clemson +7. With the 6 point teaser, you now can get Miami at -1.5 and Clemson at +13. For this bet to win, you would have to have Miami win their game by 2 points or more, and Clemson either to win their game or lose by less than 13. The winnings for teaser bets are calculated much like parlay bets, but with not as much winnings.

When should you bet College Football Teaser Bets

You should bet a college football teaser if you feel you have a major advantage over the book. Find a couple games you like and play with the teasers. If you feel you have a huge advantage, make the bet.

Conclusion to College Football Teaser Bets

Do not just add teams to your parlay bets to jack up how much you may win. Just because you bet the game doesn’t mean you are for sure going to win. Do your homework, and if you do not like the odds after the teaser added to it, do not make the bet!

College Football Money Management

One of the worst mistakes of new sports bettors is not handling their money well enough. It takes some time, and certainly some discipline, but you have to understand some simple facts to take care of your money. One season that bettors love is the college football season. We are going to give you some tips for college football money management:

Betting too much on games

Most of you are betting too much of a game. According to an expert group, most sports bettors wager at least 20% of their bankroll on a game. Just think about that type of money, and ask yourself if that’s a smart move. Do not think that betting money is fake money. When you lose that money, you never get it back. Remember, when you make a bet, you have no better than a 50% of winning that bet.

Betting games that you shouldn’t bet

One question you need to ask yourself before you pull the trigger on a bet – Do I like this game? In essence: do I have an advantage in taking this bet? Understand that sports’ betting is not easy, and there is a reason sports books continue to thrive today. Because suckers like you, continue to make too big of bets on a game that you didn’t really like anyway. Find the best bets and go with them.

So, how much should be bet on college football games?

Now that you have read all the rest of the information here; you ask yourself, so how much should I bet on a game? No matter what size bankroll you start with, the going rule is, you should bet around 2% of your bankroll on a game. If you can win 55% of your games, and bet 2-5% on games, you should become a winner. When you lose is when you bet 20% on a game and you lose. It will take a lot of wins at 2% to get that money back for the loss. It’s a good habit to get into, to designate units towards your betting. For example 1 unit, 2 units, 3 units, 4 units and 5 units. The typical way to distinguish this is: 1%, 2%, 3%, 4% and 5%.

College Football Money line

College Football season provides for some excellent sports betting excitement. One of the favorite types of betting in college football is on the money line. Money line betting is one of the easiest forms of betting within college football. Here are a few things you should know regarding college football money line betting.

What is College Football Money Line?

When games are set, odds makers give money line and odds line for all the games. Money line betting regards to a bet on whether a team will win the game or lose the game, with no point spreads involved. An example of how a money line looks: Miami Hurricanes (-220) vs. Florida State Seminoles (+150). This shows that if you are betting on Miami (who is the favorite), you would have to wager $220 to win $100. The underdog (Florida State) shows that if you are wagering on them to win the game, and they do – you would need to wager just $100 to win $150.

Tips to betting College Football Money Line

A few things you should think about when you are getting ready to wager on college football money lines. First, look at the two teams that are involved and determine who you think the winner will be. How to do that? Look at how both teams play, whether they have been playing well as of late or not, and maybe on what the weather looks like. Weather decides how the game is played.

A big aspect of betting college football money line is – which team is playing at home. Many times games come down to which team had the advantage of playing at home; in the comforts of their home field, and staying the night before in their own beds.

Lastly, when you are betting on college football money line, be sure before you make the bet that the reward is betting than the risk. If you are taking a major risk, you are most likely going to lose. In saying that, there are upsets, and if you are comfortable with it, bet it, but if not, probably a good idea to stay away!

College Football Over/Under

Many people argue that college football over/under bets are more fun than any other type of bet in the game. The over/under or totals betting is certainly interesting to follow. There has been many studies on the over/under betting in college football, and the conclusion is – well, there isn’t really a conclusion. Let’s take a look at what college football over/under betting is, and then some factors.

College Football Over/Under

College Football over/under betting is when two teams play, odds makers set a total line, and then bettors have the chance to decide if they feel the two teams combined will score more (over) or less (under) than the odds makers placed it at. A tie is a push. Most over/unders will not allow a push, as they will place the game at 48.5, instead of 48 or 49.

Factors for College Football Over/Under

There are definitely some factors that come into play when betting on over/unders in college football. First and foremost, understand is part of the game, so if you are betting the under, and your game goes to overtime, you may not be a happy bettor.

The trends of both teams play a huge role. The odds makers take thousands of things into account – you as the bettor will not take as many. But if you are going to take a few, and you should – keep in mind the trends and the tendencies of the two teams. If they are two really low scoring teams, you may want to re-look at the over/under line.

Next, is the weather. The weather plays a factor in college football. On a sunny day, there is a tendency to score more points than a day when the temperatures are barely tolerable. Before making the pick, be sure to check the weather.

Injuries could play a huge factor. Several of the teams top offensive players will miss the game with an injury. That cannot help the offense score a bunch of points. You may have relied on that team to score 31 of the 48.5 you needed for it to go over. Now it appears that team will have a tough time scoring.

Conclusion to College Football Over/Under

Be sure to take all the aspects into account. Look over the numbers. Do your research, but most importantly – keep the bet within limits. You cannot control what happens on the field – bet that way!

College Football Point Spread

The most popular type of betting in college football is point spread betting. Point spread betting is what you see most people talk about in regards to the betting world. Before the week of games begin, odds makers put together the point spreads. How they come up with the point spreads is a complicated formula that they have almost perfected. Many times you will look at a point spread and tell yourself: “That line is way off”. Then next thing you know, the game ends up right near where the line was set. These guys are professional, so if you can figure them out, you can make a ton of money.

What IS College Football Point Spread

Now you ask, what do point spreads mean? Odds makers will decide a “favorite” and an “underdog”. The favorite will “give points” while the underdog will “get points”. This means that if you ate the favorite and you are listed (-), you are to win by that many points to “cover the spread”. If you are the underdog, you will be listed with a (+), and to ‘cover your spread”, you would need to either win the game outright, or lose by less than what the odds makers made the spread at.

Betting on College Football Point Spread

When you bet on college football point spread, you are electing which you think will win with the points.  There are a lot of aspects on college football point spread betting, that it’s not something you should just begin doing. Understand what the points mean, and what would have to happen for you to win your bet. Also understand that the sportsbooks are going to take “juice”, which means point spread betting will most likely not pay you exactly what you wagered. For instance, most bets are listed at -110, which means a $11 bet, would win you $10. This way, the sportsbook continues to make their money.

Tips for College Football Point Spread betting

Here are a few things you should consider before wagering on college football point spreads.
  • Which team is at home?
  • What is the weather like?
  • What are the trends of both teams involved?
  • Are there any key injuries to either team?
  • Can the team I am betting “cover the spread”?

College Football point spread betting is meant to be fun, but it should not make or break you as a bettor. Be sure to keep your cool during tough betting times, and understand, there will be games you will win later down the road.

College Football Straight Bets

College Football straight bets are a lot like odds betting. In straight bets, you pick which team will win the game according to the point spread. In college football, you will get a team with a negative (-) and a positive (+). This is the amount of points that either should be added to the team or subtracted to the team.

In college football straight bets, typically the house will take a portion of your bet, which in most cases is called “the juice”. When straight bets are listed, they are listed -110, which means a $11 bet would garner you $10 in winnings. Or if you wanted to go higher, a $110 bet would win you $100. Sometimes, the juice is more for those that many bettors are wagering on. The juice could move to -115 or -120, or drop to -105 or +100 for the teams that are not being bet on as much.

When you are betting on college football straight bets, be sure you understand all the rules and guidelines of the sports book. Understand what happens in case of a tie or a “push”. Understand what would happen if the game was suspended. Before you make your pick, be sure you do y our homework on both teams. Understand the trends of both teams, and which team is playing at home or on the road. Check if either team has any injuries to key players.

College Football straight bets can be a bunch of fun, but not something to get reckless with. Be sure to use good bankroll management, so one single bet is not making or breaking you in sports betting. We cannot wait for the start of the college football season, so we cannot only give the best straight bets, but also the best overall bets!

College Football Bets

College Football is one of the best sports in the world to bet on. Each week there is an assortment of college football games, where bettors can make a ton of bets on the games. There are many type of college football bets, let’s take a look at a few:

Moneyline bets

In college football, each team gets labeled either the “favorite” or the “underdog”. The favorite on a moneyline bet, gets less in return than he/she wagered, while the favorite would get more in return. For example on a moneyline bet, a -120 wager would mean, $12.00 wager would win you $10 in return. On the flip side, a +125 moneyline bet would allow for the winning bettor to win $12.50 for every $10 wagered.

Odds betting

Each game will have betting odds for the game. Again, this type will have a favorite and an underdog, but both will have similar, if not the same amount of payout. The difference with odds betting is the odds mean you have a certain amount of points to work with. A favorite would have to win by the designated amount, while the underdog would have to win, or stay within the odds makers designated number. For example Ohio State -5 over Penn State; means that Ohio State should win by five or more for them to “cover” while Penn State can win the game or lose by less than four to “cover”. If it ties, it’s called a push.

Totals betting

In totals betting, within college football, you are wagering on how many total points the two teams will have. The odds makers will again designate a certain number, according their formula, and you have a chance to bet either “over” or “under”. Most totals betting are on the half(47.5), therefore no push is allowed, it’s either over or under.

Future betting

In future betting, at the beginning of the season, or before a big game, you have the chance to wager on an event that will happen in the future. An example of a future bet is which team will win the nation championship, or who will win the Heisman Trophy?

Conclusion to College Football Bets

College football betting is meant to be fun. Be sure to check all the odds and know the rules of sports betting, and your sports book before you begin to dive into it. It’s also a good idea to check out both teams and see if anything news worthy has went on with them before making the bet!

College Football Spreads

As the season approaches, people beginning talking about college football and the spreads for opening week. College football spreads have a lot of factors behind them, it’s important to know what they all mean and then go with it. Here are a few factors behind college football spreads.

How to read a college football spread

Both teams are given a certain amount of points, as one is the favorite and one is the underdog. The spread is then the amount of points, either the favorite has to win by, or that the underdog has to lose by. The favorite is typically shown as (-), and the underdog is listed (+). The (-) means you will not win as much as you wager, while the (+) shows you would win more.

College Football Spreads are made with the public in mind.

The odds makers are not stupid. They know what teams are being bet on, and which teams bet a lot on their teams. They do not set a “fake” line, but they do alter the line a little bit due to fans interest. This is something many fans do not understand when it comes to college football spreads.

Home/Away teams in College Football Spreads

This makes a big difference. Home teams are given many more points with the spread due to many factors such as: comforts of staying in own beds the night before, home crowd, home environment, etc. Make sure you check who the team is at home, and which team is on the road.

Keep your bankroll management in check with College Football Spreads

Do not be a sucker. The odds makers are going to give you a ton of sucker bets to look through during a normal College Football Saturday. Set a bankroll amount you feel comfortable wagering and go with it. Keep a small bet, a medium bet, and a large bet for all your college football betting. This way, you will not get too up or down when you are betting.

College Football Odds

Each game that is played in the world of college football has odds for the game. Odds are based on odds makers and their formulas. Sports betting has been around for years, and figuring out the method odds makers use to set the odds still has yet to be figured out by the general betting public. To figure out how odds are made would be a very difficult, but it would not be out of the realm of possibilities to make an educated guess as to what the odds will be. Odds are listed either + or -. The + means that team is getting positive money, or points, while the – is giving that many points or winning less than 100% of the original bet.

Types of College Football Odds

In College Football, you will find the odds for point spread betting, and you will find odds for the money line. In point spread betting, you are wagering whether the team you think will win will either win by the amount odds makers give them, or lose by lose than they are “projected” to lose by. Winning a point spread bet is called “covering”, which means the team you chose “covered” the spread.

Money line betting gives you how much you would win by betting either team. A money line bet looks like: +120 or -130. This means, if wager $10, and you get +120, you would win $12.00 if your team covered. In this scenario, you are betting on the underdog. If you bet the favorite, and they were -130, for every $13 you wagered, you would win $10.

Finding College Football Odds

Sports books online have College Football Odds. Odds are a lot of times released the money before a weekend of games. Sometimes, odds makers wait until certain information has been released. You can typically wager on college football odds all the way up until game time. Some places offer half betting, which means you can get new odds for the second half of the game. Other betting you can do on college football is total bets, parlay bets, future bets and live betting. All of these feature great College Football Odds.

If you are not happy with the College Football Odds that you are finding at your favorite sports book, look elsewhere. It’s not a great idea to stay at one place and get whatever lines they give you. You may find a ½ point, or full point different at another sports book.

Conclusion on College Football Odds

When you are taking up some College Football Odds, a few things to think about would be:
  • Which team is playing at home?
  • Which team has the best quarterback?
  • Do any teams have any key injuries?
  • Have these two teams played in the past?
  • What style do both teams play?
  • Any other trends that need to be known before game time?

All of these will help you when deciding which College Football odds to take.

College Football Future Bets

Before the start of the season is the best time to get into the action on college football future bets. These are just like they say; bets that are in the future. There is a bunch of different kind of college football future bets, so be sure you are familiar with them before you wager on them.

What are College Football Future Bets

As said earlier, these are games or events that will happen in the future. You can make wagers on these bets from the time they are listed at your favorite sportsbook, to the time they are taken off, which is typically when the event starts. For example: betting how many wins a certain team will get. Whether you think Ohio State will win over or under 9.5 games is an example of a future bet. Another example would be: Who will win the Pac-Ten conference. Each team within the Pac-Ten will have odds given, and you the chance to bet those teams. Of course once the season starts, the bet will go away, due to too much knowledge on current standings available.

Advantages/Disadvantages of College Football Future Bets

Some advantages to college football future bets are that you have the opportunity to get good odds on an event you feel may happen. If you are real big on Ohio State winning a bunch of games, and you feel the line is too low; bet the over. If you like a certain team out of a conference; or think that a team will surprise many; take that bet before the rest of the public sees what you think

Disadvantages of college football future bets are of course, that these bets are so far away. Many things can happen to individuals or teams. If you have a future bet on a specific team, and then two weeks into the season six of their starters get suspended, your bet may not look so good. Also, in college football future bets, you do not get your winnings until the season is over and the outcome has been decided. This could really hamper many bettors bankroll management, over time.

Tips for College Football Future Bets

When you are getting ready to make a college football future bet, make sure you know many things before you make the bet. First of all, find the best odds for your future bet. You may see 9.5 wins at one sports book, while another may have it at 10. That half win is very important between losing a bet, and possibly “pushing” the bet. Do not just stick with one sports book, it’s best to use a couple and shop for lines.

When looking at the specific teams, be sure to check out all the information. Know their style of play, their coaching style, their star athletes and everything you need to know about that time. Also when you are making your bet, be sure you follow good bankroll management, and do not place too much money on any one bet. That’s the quickest way to find your way out of sports betting!

College Football Picks

Each season fans get excited for the upcoming college football season. Many are diehard alums that have followed the team for decades. Others are current students that can’t wait to get rowdy with their buddies on Saturday afternoons. And then there are the fans that cannot wait because they get to input their college football picks every week. College football picks is a popular phrase in betting, and even in fantasy contests. Making your college football picks should be done carefully and with a lot of thought. When you are making your picks; you want to be that person that beats the rest of your group of friends, because you knew all about each team.

How to make your College Football Picks

When you are sitting down to make your college football picks, there are some things you should keep in mind.
  • Know and understand who is at home, and who is away. This makes a big difference. In a big rivalry game, where both teams are very close, the determining factor many times is, “which team is at home”.
  • Know the style of each team. There could be a slugfest defensive team, against a team that is very impatient and will turn the ball over a bunch. This has the makings of a possible blowout. Of course, we never really know which style of play will win out, but there are some occasions that even before the game starts, the match-up just does not look good for a certain team.
  • Know the injury reports. It’s key to know if a star quarterback is in the game or out of the game. That could make all the difference in your pick.

Where to make your College Football Picks

There are numerous places online to make your college football picks. If you are betting on the game, that is a way to make a pick. Be sure that if you are betting, you know the line for the game. A betting line is different than just picking the straight up winner. Know the line, and understand the line before you place any money on it. If you are not happy with that line, and are a member of another sports book; shop around. You may find a better line for the game elsewhere.

There are also free contests online at places like Yahoo, ESPN and USAToday. These contests usually just ask you to pick the winner. To be eligible for the grand prize at the end, most of the time it’s a cumulative winner, so you need to make sure you are staying on top of making your picks. The best thing to do is plan it in your schedule each week on the same day, near the same time. A good day to make college football picks is Friday, but be sure you are not missing a game every so often that is slated for Thursday.  Many of these types of places are good spots to run a contest for money. If you are starting the contest, look at these sites, as they will do all the adding for you.

Conclusion on College Football Picks

Finally, do not be afraid to pick a couple upsets. Typically the person that is most successful at college football picks is the one that finds the sleeper teams, and they beat the teams that linger in the middle of the pack. The best teams typically do not get beat more than once or twice in a season. Find the teams that are emerging, and pick them to beat teams that are stuck in mediocre mode. That may help you win your next college football picks contest!

College Football Betting Lines

You’ve got to love the fall sports season. During the fall, college football is in the air. With that comes the wonderful college football betting lines. There is a bunch of betting lines within college football. It’s important that a new comer to the world of sports betting understand all the details of betting lines. Let’s take a look at a few of the details involved with college football betting lines.

Types of College Football Betting Lines

Each sports book places a betting line or a set of lines for each and every game played. The first type of betting line, and the easiest to understand is the moneyline bet. In a moneyline bet, you are simply picking the winner of the game. There is no spread in moneyline betting, so if your team wins; you win. If your team loses; you lose. In moneyline betting, the odds makers will place each team with a certain “line” that tells how much they would pay off for a win. Typical money lines are -110, when both teams are the same. A favorite gets (-) money, which means less than what you wagered, while a team with a (+) is the underdog, and would win more money than your original bet.

Point spread betting is another type of college football betting line. When you are betting on point spreads you are betting according to what the odds makers view as the amount of points “getting” or “giving”. If you are “getting” points, that means you are the underdog, and whatever your score is, plus the “spread”, should have to cover what the other team ends with. If you are “giving” points, you are the favorite, and to “cover” you would have to beat the only team by the amount of points you are giving up.

Other type of college football betting lines include first half bets, second half bets, total bets, parlay bets, future bets and live betting. All of these offer different aspects to the world of sports betting. College football betting lines are determined by a group of odds makers, according to how they come up with their formula.

Tips to finding best College Football Betting Lines

If you feel you really like a college football betting line, and are familiar with the world of sports betting; bet on it. Be sure to not bet too much on any one bet. If you are in it for the long haul, set a minimum bet and a maximum bet, and do not bet on any single game outside of those limits. Be sure when you are getting ready to make the bet on any one college football betting line, you know all the details of the bet. Know what the line is, know how much it will pay off, and if you can, shop around. Do not just settle for one book, but look around at numerous places. It’s always a benefit to find the best odds!